Performance Staff

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Jonny "LION" Bridgewater

Founder/ Sports Enhancement Specialist/Sports Nutritionist

Jonny is a licensed Sports Performance Specialist and Sports Nutritionist who educates his athletes from all walks of life to achieve explosiveness, power, change of direction, accomplish max speed, and add inches to their vertical. He specializes in helping athletes take their peak performance to the next level, working with some of Southeastern Wisconsin’s top high school, middle school and grade school youth. His lifelong exposure to high-level sports and athletics gives Jonny the unique understanding of each athlete’s challenges and goals. He demonstrates a positive attitude, preaching the bigger picture not only creating the best athletes, his goal is to make everyone an even better person.

“The feeling you get when you turn your dream into a reality PRICELESS. I would like to thank everyone who pushed me believed in me and supported my dream. I am so blessed to be able to train in my own facility, help others be all they can be! These are Bridgewater Performance clients. I will forever be grateful for all of you!”

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Cruz "ACE" Valeriano

Director of Basketball Development

Cruz “Ace” Valeriano is a professional basketball skills trainer and coach. He holds 12 years experience. Additionally, Ace is a student of the game. He sharpens his IQ from his mentors that hold college coaching experience from D1 to D3 levels as well as other professional basketball skills trainers.When he is not spending time with his family, he’s studying the game, intensely, to become better at his craft. Cruz has coached teams, grade school to high school; with great success, semi pro adult teams as well.

In 2013, Ace founded the Believe In Giving Dreams program with a focus on inner city youth from the class of 2021. Eight of the core members were varsity players as freshmen. Five ranked top 50, and three were in the top 25 of their class.

As a youth basketball developmental specialist, Ace understands youth have different learning styles. Some are visual, others auditory, some use reading/writing, and other kinesthetic. With Ace’s versatility, his clientele includes grade school level to

collegiate level.

Notable events as a director/lead trainer:

• Skills Collective basketball camps w/Drew Dunlop and Dino Cooks, WI (Summer ’18)

• Playmakers Elite Camp hosted by Hong Kong International team. Directed by Drew Dunlop (Summer ’18)

• The Process Camp w/ Tim Martin by Jonny Bridgewater of Bridgewater Performance & Dino Cooks (Feb ’19)

Rick Huerta

Personal Trainer/ Cardio Comat/HIIT

PHILOSOPHY: I have been passionate about health and wellness my whole life and I bring that passion to my training each and every time. I believe that through hard work, dedication and discipline you can achieve the results you want, especially when you make your workouts count every time out. I truly think that everyone, regardless of their fitness level has the strength within to reach any goal. Health and wellness is not just about physical health. It begins from within. Mental strength and spiritual wellness are the foundation for achieving our physical goals. Trust in the process, believe in yourself and together we will achieve the results you want!