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Tyler Herro

"Jonny is one of the better personal trainers around the area. He is easy to interact with for young athletes, but at the same time he know how to push that athlete to make them better. I recommend his training to anyone who is looking to become better at whatever sport it may be."

-T. Herro

Miami Heat

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Braelon Allen

"Anything outside of this gym has become easy"

-B. Allen

Wisconsin Badgers

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Haley Wynn

Jonny pushes me to work hard and give 110%. Speed and agility drills help increase acceleration and core strength. Both are critical to being an effective base runner in softball. Speed is my game. He helps focus on form and technique to shave time off my home to first sprint. I hit below 3 seconds!!! Worth all the sweat and effort.

-H. Wynn

Ball State Cardinals